Trending Toy Organization Ideas for the New Year

Sleek and organized playroom featuring an array of storage solutions including cubbies, drawers, and bins, with a cozy art and reading nook.

As we embrace the fresh start that comes with the New Year, I’ve been on a mission to transform the chaos of our playroom into a serene sanctuary of play. If you’re anything like me, juggling the roles of mom, chief fun officer, and now, organization manager, you know the struggle of keeping that toy room in check! I want to share the toy organization strategies and products that have genuinely turned our playroom from overwhelming to inviting. From practical storage units that cater to our kids’ reach to clever bins that hide away the clutter of tiny toy accessories, we’ve implemented these ideas in our home, and they’ve worked wonders. Let’s make toy organization a part of our New Year’s resolution.

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62″ Storage Cabinet

Why I love it?

This product is my preferred choice for a kids toy room because it effectively hides the mess behind closed doors, creating a visually pleasing experience. Additionally, take advantage of its easy anchoring for safety around kiddos.

Spacious and modern 62-inch white storage cabinet styled with contemporary home decor and a framed beach painting, ideal for living room organization.

Toy Storage Organizer with 3 Movable Drawers

Why I love it?

We picked out this toy organizer for our kids’ playroom, and it’s been an absolute hit! The shelves are just the right height for the little ones to grab their favorite toys, and those bins at the bottom are lifesavers for all those random little pieces that seem to come with every toy set. Plus, it came with a sturdy metal anti-tip anchor, which really put my mind at ease about the safety aspect. It’s been a wonderful addition to our toy organization system.

Bright and playful toy storage organizer showcasing a variety of children's toys, books, and whimsical decorations, perfect for a tidy and stylish playroom.

ClosetMaid 6 Cube Storage Shelf

Why I love it?

I’ve found the ClosetMaid 6-cube storage unit to be a real game-changer for tidying up the playroom without breaking the bank. It’s such a versatile piece — it can serve as a nightstand, a bookshelf, or even transform into a drawer unit with the addition of some cloth bins. Adding brightly colored or patterned bins really brings a burst of energy and personality to the room. It’s one of those universal items that just works wherever you use it.

Versatile white cube shelving unit with multiple compartments, perfect for chic organization and minimalist decor in a modern living space.

Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cube Organizer with Handles

Why I love it?

Adding a personal splash to the toy room is a breeze with these versatile storage bins. Whether I’m slotting them into the storage cubes, using them to sort items in cabinets, or placing them on a shelf, they’re perfect for bringing in a pop of color or a playful pattern that really livens up the space. They’re my secret weapon for keeping toy clutter stylishly at bay!

Chic navy and white striped Amazon Basics collapsible fabric storage cubes with convenient handles, perfect for organizing a toy room or craft supplies.

36 Grid Clear Plastic Organizer with Removable Dividers

Why I love it?

I’ve found these bins to be absolute lifesavers for organizing all the little bits and pieces in the playroom, from Barbies and Paw Patrol to craft supplies and Our Generation Dolls. What’s really handy is that the dividers are adjustable, so I can customize the slot sizes to fit whatever items we’re tidying up that day. It’s made keeping the toy room in order so much easier!

Clear organizer with customizable compartments, ideal for sorting small toys and craft items, ensuring a tidy and orderly playroom.

Large Toy Box Chest Storage with Flip-Top Lid

Why I love it?

This oversized bin has been a godsend for wrangling all those stuffed animals, Barbies, and baby dolls — especially when there’s just too many to fit into those smaller cubes. What I absolutely adore is how it can collapse down flat, making it a breeze to tuck away when we need to clear up some space. It’s one of those must-haves for keeping the toy room both organized and adaptable.

Spacious pink fabric toy storage box brimming with colorful plush toys, an attractive and practical solution for organizing a child's playroom.

Kids Dress up Storage with Mirror and Storage Bin

Why I love it?

I’m so happy with how this setup lets us keep all the dress-up clothes neatly hung and in full view, plus there’s plenty of additional storage for shoes and accessories. It’s made organizing the toy room a breeze and everything looks just adorable on display!

Whimsical kids' dress-up storage with a full-length mirror and a spacious bin, perfect for housing costumes and accessories in a playroom.

Plastic Organizer Box with Hinged Lid for Shelves or Cubbies

Why I love it?

My kids have no trouble at all opening this organizer, and it fits perfectly inside our cabinets. It’s incredible how many different compartment sizes there are — the possibilities seem endless! I absolutely adore it for organizing everything from Legos and Magna-Tiles to Play-Doh, its accessories, and puzzles. It’s truly a game-changer for our toy room organization.

Multi-compartment plastic organizer box, a perfect toy room addition for sorting and storing small toys and craft supplies neatly.

30pcs Mesh Zipper Pouch

Why I love it?

“Using these bags has been a game-changer for our toy room organization! We’ve successfully transferred all our games and puzzles into these space-saving bags. What used to occupy an entire closet now neatly fits on just one shelf in our cabinet. It’s incredible how much space we’ve reclaimed!”

Vibrant 30-piece mesh zipper pouches in assorted colors, ideal for organizing small toys and craft materials in a playroom.

Kids Art Table and Chairs

Why I love it?

I absolutely adore how this table not only gives us ample storage for all our craft supplies but also includes a workspace that’s perfect for anything and everything – from crafts to Play-Doh, Legos, and Magna-Tiles. Multipurpose items like this are my favorite; they make organizing the toy room so much more efficient and fun!

Children's wooden art table with whiteboard surface and built-in storage filled with art supplies and coloring books, perfect for a creative toy room

5-Shelf Bookcase

Why I love it?

We’re a family of little bookworms, and let me tell you, those tiny bookshelves never stood a chance against the mountain of books we’ve accumulated. That’s why I’m head over heels for this bookshelf—it’s a fantastic storage solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Plus, I made sure to anchor it securely to the wall to keep any tipping scares at bay. It’s just perfect for keeping our toy room organized and our precious books safely within arm’s reach.

Elegantly organized modern white bookshelf displaying a curated selection of books alongside stylish decor, ideal for a sophisticated and organized living space.

Wrapping up, these toy organization ideas have not only decluttered our space but also infused a sense of calm into our daily routine. By integrating these storage solutions, our toy room has become a place where creativity blooms amidst order, rather than chaos. It’s my hope that by passing on these tips and tricks, your playroom can transform into a visually appealing and organized haven too. Remember, a little change can go a long way in creating a peaceful environment for both you and your little ones to enjoy.

Here’s to a year of joyful play and impeccable organization! If you’re inspired to revamp your own space, feel free to explore the links I’ve shared! Here’s to a harmoniously organized 2024 in every corner of our homes—starting with where the magic happens for our kiddos!

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